Gaming fundraiser for Autism Canada advice

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Gaming fundraiser for Autism Canada advice

Message non lupar nikki99 » mer. août 21, 2019 1:06 pm

Hi I'm planning to this towards the end of October. My oldest son is autistic so it's something I wanted to do for awhile. Autism Canada is willing to partner with me on it(once I get the proper forms sent in for approval)

I'm gonna do a 12hr Halloween game theme. So horror games. 6 games. 2 hrs each.
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My question is, is it better to do this stream through twitch or mixer?

Do I need a capture card? I can stream with my webcam through the Xbox(mixer) no issue. With mixer on a 2nd screen so I can see the chat and cam feed. Without a card.

If anyone had any suggestions on how to do it or any equipment I may be missing please let me know here or at @Play4Alex2019 on twitter.

It's just me doing this, so I wanna make sure it's right and I don't burn out trying to set it up and getting exposure.


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